What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is an ancient Christian practice of soul companioning or spiritual guidance. Sacred  presence is offered one to another through deep listening. This assists one to discern the  the ways of Spirit and discover how one is being invited to  respond in freedom to Love's invitations.

Spiritual direction supports healing and wholeness,  freedom and faith-filled  living.  Spiritual direction is a practice that supports persons to discern  God's loving presence and healing energy  in all of life.

An ever deepening relationship with God, self, others and creation is the goal of spiritual direction.

How is it practiced?

Individual spiritual direction is where one person (directee) meets with another person (director) to explore their spiritual desires, needs, and life experiences. Most people meet once a month to listen to God's invitations within their daily life. Some people meet more often if they are focused on a particular area of healing or are seeking a more structured guidance in prayer practices. (eg. Ignatian Spiritual Exercises). Group spiritual direction is where 3-6 persons commit to meeting together to witness and discern how Spirit is speaking in each person's life.

Why seek Spiritual Direction?

*I want to discern God's invitations in the midst of my everyday life.

*I want a safe & non-judgmental space to explore my spiritual and theological questions and yearnings

*I want a deeper and more intimate relationship with God

*My ways of understanding God and communing with God are changing

*I'm confused, disillusioned or uncertain about God's ways in these complex times

*I'm at a crossroads and don't know which way to go

*God seems absent or silent

*I want to explore my inner life (knowledge of self deepens  knowledge of God)


How do I choose a Spiritual Director?

Training:ask about training specific to Spiritual Direction

Accountability:ask about their commitment to their own spiritual direction, their engagement in supervision and  their ongoing training and development

Confidentiality: ask about how they     maintain confidentiality

see:http://www.sdiworld.org/sites/default/files/publications/Guidelines Revised 2014-proof1-2.pdf

Spiritual Direction

  Jan Evans,MASF

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